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WORC | Department of Labor

The WORC (Work Opportunity for Rural Communities) grant program through the U.S. Department of Labor will fund tuition to the Brewing & Distilling Center’s Professional Brewing/Distilling Technology (PBDT) certificate course to qualifying applicants.


Eligible individuals served under this grant include dislocated workers, new entrants to the workforce, and incumbent workers. This funding is only available to residents of these Tennessee counties:

  • Anderson

  • Campbell

  • Cumberland

  • Fentress

  • Loudon

  • Morgan

  • Roane

  • Scott    


If you have any questions, please call 865.622.7511 or email us.

WIOA | American Job Center Scholarships

Going back to school to complete a program or get re-trained in a new skill can be the gateway to higher wages and increased  job options.  Scholarships are awarded based on applicant suitability, eligibility and the availability of training funds. Training must be for an occupation listed on the targeted occupations list for Tennessee. Training on the list is available from the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology, Community Colleges or other certified programs. For more information»


If you have any questions, please call 865.622.7511 or email us.

Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

The Brewing & Distilling Center is authorized through the GI Bill® for Veterans Affairs Educational Benefit support.  If you are interested in attending our Professional Brewing/Distilling Technology (PBDT) program, you can begin by completing our military veteran registration form.

If you have any questions, please call 865.622.7511 or email us.

Tennessee Post-Secondary Institution Authorized

The Brewing and Distilling Center, Inc. is authorized for operation as a post secondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. For more information

General Tuition Information

Professional level training via Professional Brewing/Distilling Training (PBDT) program provides each student with a solid understanding of the brewing and distilling industries through theoretical and practical application. PBDT sessions take place in the spring and fall with classes Monday - Wednesday over a 13 week session equaling 154 contact hours (12 hours weekly). Tuition is $8499.00 and covers all instruction, text books and class materials used in lecture demonstrations and for brewing and distilling projects. Tuition may be paid in full by each student or by financial aid options listed below.

Home brewing class cost vary by subject matter and amount of materials needed for instruction and practical understanding. Home brewing classes are paid by cash, check or credit card prior to the beginning of class.


Tuition | Financial Aid

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