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Brew Day

About us

Our mission
To provide all of our students online and in person with the highest quality brewing and distilling education for a reasonable cost.
Why we do what we do

The Brewing & Distilling Center (BDC) was founded on the simple premise of supplying a highly sought-after marketplace demand, namely quality education solely focused on equipping future brewers, distillers and supportive service professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the burgeoning craft brewing and distilling industries. To date, we, through our Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology (PBDT) certificate program, have been highly successful in achieving this goal by training our students in the classroom and hands on in the brewhouse. In both settings through their attendance, planning and participation, our students learn the skills necessary for troubleshooting and through the labor of cleaning, lifting, sampling, packaging, and everything else involved, what it truly takes to be a brewer or distiller. 

In 2019, to meet a wider audience, we began our investment in the technological platform to enable students who are unable to travel or attend each lecture class on premises to be able to participate virtually in real time. However, we also know that knowledge is only truly absorbed when it is practiced. Therefore, we have created a concentrated in-person training segment at the latter stages of each session for our virtual students to experience all of the hands-on practical training in the BDC brewhouse and at our supporting breweries and distilleries.

We are also well aware that everyone is not looking for a full time career in the brewing and distilling industries. To many, brewing is a passionate avocation which provides its practitioners the great joy of brewing beer at home and sharing with friends and family. However, our experience has taught us that the serious hobbyist often wants to go beyond just sharing their fermentation efforts, and are many times testing the waters for an entrepreneurial endeavor that could lead to an income-generating future. To accommodate both interests, we provide home brewing classes that are well-rounded and foundational and are taught by highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Why we support our veterans

Obviously, we support our veterans because we are grateful for their sacrifice to our great country. From our past experience we've learned our veteran students are extremely disciplined, dedicated and passionate about learning the industry trade and entering the job market or even starting their own brewery or distillery. We want to assist these men and women with the education and training necessary to achieve their goals. To date, many of our veteran graduates have been placed and are gainfully employed in the brewing and distilling industries.

Our promise to all or our students present and future

We understand the ever changing demands for all aspects of brewing and distilling education we provide because of

1) our experience in brewing and distilling focused education and

2) our ongoing and valuable relationships we have developed in the brewing and distilling industries.

To meet this ever-evolving, industry demand, we are continuously enhancing our course content, teaching methods and technical support structure.


In the near future, we will be offering short online video courses presented in sessionable segments for knowledge enhancement designed to meet the interest and need of everyone from industry professionals to avid homebrewers looking to gain specific knowledge and skills in a particular area of interest. This subscription-based platform will be called the BDC Master Series. So keep coming back and stay in touch.



Dr. Todd “Doc” White, President

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