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Alexandria Burris

Class Coordinator

Alexandria graduated from the Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology program in 2019 and since has taken on the role of Classroom Coordinator at the Brewing & Distilling Center. Her interest and appreciation of the craft industry evolved from touring many breweries and distilleries across the United States.


Beyond providing essential administrative support, Alexandria coordinates day to day classroom functions overseeing instructor lectures and student brew days.


“Supporting the students in achieving their brewing and distilling goals has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Dr. Todd White (Doc)

President | Program Director

Dr. White’s original profession was as a practicing veterinarian for almost 20 years. After retiring from veterinary practice, he attained a Master’s Degree in Architecture.  All during this time Doc has always been interested in quality beer—mostly consuming it. In 2002, Doc witnessed a friend home brew several batches of beer for friends and clients—and was more than intrigued.


He opened a craft beer store in 2008 which led to the discovery and personal immersion in the US and regional craft beer movement.

Since 1993, when he began instructing science courses at the collegiate level, Doc discovered a hidden passion, namely teaching. As an educator and entrepreneur, he considered the rapidly-expanding US craft beer explosion and the conundrum of “Where are these new breweries getting qualified, trained brewers?”. Following some market research he discovered a demand for brewing educational facilities, especially at a reasonable tuition, out of this query in 2013 the Brewing & Distilling Center was established.



Brewing & Distilling Center Board of Advisors 

Dr. Todd White | Brewing & Distilling Center | Owner, President

Rick Cox | Next Level Brewing Company | Owner, Brewer

Andy Atkinson | Brewing & Distilling Center | Industry Relations

Alexandria Burris | Brewing & Distilling Center | Classroom Coordinator

Mike Adams | Spectrum Business | Account Manager

Dr. Jeff Roberts | Tennova | Anesthesiologist

Robert Wade | Robert Wade Design | Owner

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