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Home Brewing

Brewing at home is a great hobby with rewarding results. Our enthusiasts’ courses are perfect for those who have a passion for learning and a love of handmade craft brews. From brewing craft beers, ciders and meads to learning how to use the tools and equipment to produce and bottle your delicious brews, The BDC has a line up of well-experienced home brewing instructors who have already been through the pitfalls of home brewing for you so you’ll only experience the successes.

Discover extract home beer brewing with this online video course

  • Learn how to brew beer at home with confidence

  • Have more fun brewing beer at home

  • Discover quality home brewing in just a few hours

  • 2 different video package options; plenty of extras

Basics: 12 Brewing Process Videos & 3 Process PDFs
Bundle: Basic + 10 “Nerding Out” Videos & 5 Recipe PDFs
Expert’s Guide to Extract Home Brewing
Basic: $79.00 (US)
Bundle $99.00 (US)

Extract Home Brewing Online

Extract Home Brewing | On-site

  • All classes onsite hands-on brewing at the Brewing & Distilling Center

  • Expert instruction by highly-experienced, award-winning home brewer

  • Process and recipe hand outs

  • Beer to take home after second bottling session

Weekend 1: Hands-on Brewing | Weekend 2: Bottling
Cost: $199.00 (US)
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