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Johnny Cosgrove

Johnny Cosgrove

Former Owner Shady Grove Meadery

My current passion or focus:

“Fusion” fermentations

Past lives:

Previous owner/operator of Shady Grove Meadery


Mead-making, brewing, wine making, gardening, cooking, hiking, biking, fishing, paddling

Why I brew/distill:

Love the creative process and sharing the process and product with like-minded people

Why I teach at BDC:

I am constantly inspired by both the students and the staff at the BDC. It’s fantastic to be among instructors who love what they do and to watch the students grow in their knowledge of the brewing/distilling industry and grow in their confidence to thrive in the industry.

Favorite brewing/distilled related topic:

Mead-making and alternative amylase sources (e.g. honey, sweet potatoes)


B.S. Chemical Engineering



Shady Grove Meadery
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