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Joel Leffew

Joel Leffew

Head Brewer

My current passion or focus:

Perfecting classic styles and trying fun twists with out of the box methods and ingredients.

Past lives:

Sales, Logistics, Smoky Mtn Brewery in that order.


Video gaming, exploring the world

Why I brew/distill:

: I love creating a product that I love to sit down with and enjoy at the end of the day. The fact others love it too is icing on the cake.

Why I teach at BDC:

I want to keep trying new beers forever, and the more people involved, the more creative brews I can try!

Favorite brewing/distilled related topic:

The use of unconventional and uncommon ingredients.


Professional Brewing & Distilling Certificate from BDC


Vice-President, Knoxville Area Brewer's Association


Crafty Bastard Brewery
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