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Dr. Todd White

Dr. Todd White

President, Program Director

My current passion or focus:

Helping our students and BDC graduates achieve their industry and life goals.

Past lives:

Former practicing veterinarian and architect. Owner Ciao Craft Beer Store, Maryville, TN; Associate Professor, Pellissippi State Technical College and South College, Knoxville, TN


Watching nature; reading and researching anything interesting, playing drums in a band, herding house dogs and cats.

Why I brew/distill:

To fill the much-needed niche in an ever-expanding industry and to drink beer in class.

Why I teach at BDC:

I love to share what I know and experienced, how it relates to the real world, how it can help make a better beer or spirit and why caring about EVERYTHING is IMPORTANT

Favorite brewing/distilled related topic:

Being a valuable member of your chosen community.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine; Master of Architecture, University of Tennessee, College of Architecture and Design


3rd place in the Pulled Pork category in the 2007 Big BBQ Bash


Brewing & Distilling Center, Inc.
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