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Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows

Brewmaster & Head Brewer

My current passion or focus:

Creating new brands and researching new recipes.

Past lives:


Cooking, gardening, hiking, reading…

Why I brew/distill:

Brewing is a wonderful industry that challenges my mind and body to apply a myriad of skills I have learned over the years. No matter how much I learn about brewing, there is always more to continue learning. It's an ancient and noble trade in my opinion to be able to produce something that ties together land and people.

Why I teach at BDC:

Teaching is something I never thought I would wind up doing in a professional manner. However, I have found great reward in sharing my experiences and knowledge with those who seek to work in this industry. It's a passionate and lively bunch!

Favorite brewing/distilled related topic:

Malt, the soul of beer.


Advanced Brewing Science & Engineering, American Brewers Guild


Awarded “2016 Brewer of the Year” at SweetWater Brewing Company in Athens, GA.


Yee-Haw Brewing Company
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