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Aaron McClain

Aaron McClain

Founder, Proprietor, Brewmaster

My current passion or focus:

Opening our west Knoxville location/production facility and our sour barrel program

Past lives:

I was a high school math teacher at Austin-East High School 


Wine making, cycling, and being outdoors as much as possible.

Why I brew/distill:

It is a perfect blend of math, chemistry, and art that really engages both sides of my brain.

Why I teach at BDC:

Because I love teaching others about the things I am passionate about. I love seeing students brains fire up when they realize something as basic as water can have such a defining impact on the quality, taste and characteristic of any beer style.

Favorite brewing/distilled related topic:

Water chemistry


BS Education, Licensed Math Teacher


Voted “Best Brewery in Knoxville” in Mercury reader’s poll 2016 and Blank reader’s poll 2017-2018.


Crafty Bastard Brewery
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