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Extract Home Brewing Basic


Discover the solid foundations for brewing your own beer in the comfort of your own home in this expert's guide to extract home brewing. Turn a few hours of online instruction into the beginnings of a lifetime, delicious hobby. Our video lessons are taught by highly experienced home brewers who have brewed beer for many years and have learned the do’s and don’ts. This course gives you the foundation for a fun and tasty experience and you get to take your beer home when class is over. If you want a deeper dive into the chemistry, history and what makes each beer style different consider purchasing the Bundle. BASIC COURSE INCLUDES: Full length video of entire process 12 Video Specific Segments • Overview • Introduction • Ingredients • Equipment • Steeping the Grain • Adding Extract • Hops • Sanitizing and Wort Cooling • Wort Transfer and Hydrometer Reading • Yeast Pitching and Oxgenating • Fermentation • Bottling 3 DOWNLOADBLE PDFs • Process • Ingredients and Process • Equipment





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