BDC Brew Club brewing session
NEW FOR 2021/22

BDC Brew Club

Brewing With the Pros

Have you ever wanted to know how the pros do what they do when they brew what they brew? From novices with zero experience to experienced home brewers with zero time and space to brew their own, or somewhere in between, this is the program for you! All you have to do is show up, have a great time, meet new friends who share your hopped up interests, learn from the best brewers around, enjoy some good food and in a few weeks pick up your uniquely produced, packaged beer.


So don’t wait enjoy the best part of brewing without the clean up. Sign up today for the BDC Beer Club and brew with your spouse, friends and new, future brew buddies.

Upcoming Brew Club Sessions

Here’s what you get:

  • Hands on brewing session with a regional professional brewer

  • Creative input into the ingredients based on the target beer style

  • Experience brewing on high-end brew house equipment

  • Catered meal

  • Around $100 worth of high quality packaged crowlers of beer you helped brew to take home and share with friends and family

What you don’t worry about

  • Equipment set up

  • Material costs

  • Packaging materials and filling costs

  • Cleaning up equipment and brew house that is unless you want to stick around and help and chat

All for only: $150/person