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Learn How to Brew or Distill, Professionally or For Fun

Certificate in Professional Brewing/Distilling Technology

Completion of the Professional Brewing/Distilling Technology (PBT) certificate qualifies you for employment in the beer and distilled spirits industry. 96 classroom hours and 52 practical hours allows you to gain the knowledge and experience to begin your journey into these exploding fields of endeavor.

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Brew For Fun

We have 2 levels of Home Brewing education. The Home Brewing Level I course allows you to get started with strong fundamentals and knowledge to brew quality beer at home.

The Advanced Home Brewing course gives the experienced home brewer more detailed, scientific, and technical knowledge to really kick their home brewing skills up several notches. Both courses are taught by experienced home brewers and professional brewers.

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Dr. Todd White and his team of instructors, brewers, and distillers have been helping folks reach their goals and acquire great brewery and distilling jobs all the United States for over 3 years.

Now, the Brewing and Distilling Center is expanding their educational opportunities, services, and involvement in the local and regional brewing and distilling communities. We could not be more excited. Because we understand that EDUCATION IS POWER!



Breweries + Distilleries We Work With


The Pretentious Beer & Glass Company
Blackhorse Brewery
Crafty Bastard
Cold Fusion Brewing Company
Old Forge Distillery
Balter Beerworks
Fanatic Brewing
Last Days of Autumn
Post Modern Spirits

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