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Professional Brewing & Distilling Essentials

Professional Brewing & Distilling Essentials


This Professional Brewing & Distilling Essentials program is geared toward the serious student who really wants a thorough theoretical and practical foundation in the fields of brewing and distilling but is unable to attend the on-site practical brewing days. However, this doesn't mean that all graduates become professional brewers and distillers. Some take the training in order to work with distributors, some become product reps, some manage taprooms, some start companies to provide ancillary products services in support these industries. The possibilities are endless and having a solid understanding of these two industries serves a wide variety of career choices whether for employment, professional enrichment or for the entrepreneur.


    • 13 weeks/103 lecture hours / 12 hours weekly

    • Evenings starting at 5:30 pm EST (USA)

    • Monday - Wednesday

    • All lectures are in English

    • Essentials students will attend all lectures remotely via internet.

    • Class lecture slides will be available as PDFs for download

    • A suggested list of class resource books will be provided for the student to attain online on their own



    February 20 - May 17 2023

    Registration deadline: February 6, 2023 


    If the student withdraws from the Program prior to beginning date a full refund (minus $250.00 processing fee) will be given. The following are the withdrawal date deadlines of the program and the subsequent refund %:

    10 days after class start: 75% refund

    20 days after class start: 25% refund

    30 days after class start: No refund

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