Online Professional Distilling | Module 3

Distillation, Proofing & Aging


4+ hours



About the Course

In Module 3, we will cover a number key items that all fall under the heading of Distillation. Some basic thermodynamics will be covered and defined like:

  • liquid

  • volatility

  • boiling point

  • evaporation

  • miscible

  • immiscible

The Distillation Theory and the Ethanol Water Equilibrium Curve are vital to understanding how quality spirits are derived from the process and the equipment. Determining heads, hearts, and tails of distillation is the foundation of producing great-tasting spirits: the importance and details are explained in outline, narration and video explanations by master distillers. A more-detailed look at distilling equipment and what happens in each piece is presented. And finally, proofing and maturation and aging is covered in detail: the chemistry that happens in the barrel as whiskey is aging is complex and fascinating and you will learn that in this module.