Online Professional Distilling | Module 2

Preparing, Mashing & Fermentation


3+ hours



About the Course

In Module 2, a number of key items are covered that all fall under the heading of Spirit Processes. There are six steps in the overall production of alcohol namely:

  • Preparing

  • Mashing

  • Fermenting

  • Distilling

  • Aging

  • Blending.

In this module, we’ll cover Preparing, Mashing, and Fermenting in-depth and the chemistry involved in those processes. Preparing to mash covers the types of grain milled and the different types of mills available. The processes and chemistry of mashing and fermentation are very scientific and the more you understand the science and chemistry, the better a distiller you will be. To understand the basic chemistry of mashing and fermentation, you need a foundational understanding of chemistry which will be presented to you in an easy-to-follow manner that makes sense.