Online Professional Distilling | Bundle

Full Course | 3 Modules


9+ hours



About the Course

The BDC Online Professional Distilling (OPD) Course is designed for individuals:

  • who want to gain foundational knowledge in professional distilling

  • or for current workers and employees in the distilling industry who want to attain a deeper understanding of particular topics.

The Professional Distilling Bundle is delivered in three different modules with can purchased separately or as an entire course.

  • Module 1 | Distilling Groundwork

  • Module 2 | Spirit Processes – Preparing, Mashing & Fermentation

  • Module 3 | Spirit Processes – Distillation, Proofing & Aging

This online course is narrated over clear and descriptive, self-paced, teaching slides with graphics and video to delineate distilling topics. To further explain details, professional distillers demonstrate examples in their distillery still house or further explain important details to understanding the distilling processes and concepts through a series of videos.

The course is divided into blocks of knowledge that upon completing will be able to gauge your retention and understanding by way or review questions to ensure your understanding of each training block.