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EDUCATION: Mead Making

glass and bottle of mead

Mead may be the oldest alcoholic beverage we know about. From 7000 B.C. in China, to ancient Greece and Rome, to the Vikings and Jolly Olde England– the delicious fermented honey drink has been around along time. And, with the craft beer craze, MEAD is making a comeback. Learn how to make this traditional beverage with MEAD EXPERT, John Cosgrove. We will learn, drink, eat, and have a Merry Olde Tyme.

What you get:

  • Information, expert advice, and demonstration of Mead Making
  • Mead to take home
  • Food, Beer, and Mead during sessions
  • SWAG

Class meetings and times:

  • Brewing Session: TBA
  • Bottling Session: TBA

Location: 130 Bearden Place, Knoxville, TN 37917

Cost: $99

John Cosgrove – Mead maker

Mead Man, John Cosgrove