Home Brewing Classes

Brewing at home is a great hobby with rewarding results. Our enthusiasts’ courses are perfect for those who have a passion for learning and a love of handmade craft brews. From brewing craft beers, ciders and meads to learning how to use the tools and equipment to produce and bottle your delicious brews, The BDC has a line up of well-experienced home brewing instructors who have already been through the pitfalls of home brewing for you so you’ll only experience the successes.

Beer Brewing Level 1

Learn the solid foundations for brewing your own beer at home. Turn a few hours of instruction into the beginnings of a lifetime, delicious hobby. Your instructors have brewed beer for many years and have learned the do’s and don’ts. This course gives you the foundation for a fun and tasty experience and you get to take your beer home when class is over.

What’s included


In-class instruction and hands on brewing

The Complete Joy of Home brewing
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Beer Brewing Level 2

Are you ready to step up your home brewing game from Extract to All Grain? Then this class is for you. All Grain brewing is how the professional brewers make beer. It is the purest form of brewing beer and lets you influence your end-product the absolute most. You are in complete control of your beer—color and aroma; flavor and mouthfeel; classic style to wild and crazy. This is brewing beer “from scratch.” And, it is actually the least expensive way to produce beer (minus the equipment).

What’s included


In-class instruction and hands on brewing over two weekends

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Cider Making

Learn to make cider, an extremely old beverage that comes in a variety of flavors.

Mead Making

Time to take your home brewing to the next level by brewing like the pros using all grain.

Hard Seltzer Brewing

The summer of 2019 introduced a beverage to the brewing industry for those looking for a lighter, less caloric beverage to enjoy with friends. Hard seltzer brewing is not hard in fact it is easy and we will show you how. We will provide everything you need to learn including our expert instructor.