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EDUCATION: Home Brewing, Level I

Learn the solid foundations of brewing at home. Turn a few hours into the beginnings of a delicious hobby. Your instructors have brewed beer for many years and have learned the do’s and don’ts. This course gives you the foundation for a fun and tasty experience for a long time to come.

What you get:

  • Up to 7 hours of instruction and brewing from experienced home brewers and professional brewers
  • Equipment to take home and start brewing
  • The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, by Charlie Papazian
  • Your beer to take home

Class meetings and times:

  • Learning and Brewing Session: Saturday, April 14, 2018; 9am – 2pm
  • Bottling and Drinking Session: Saturday, May 5, 2018; 12noon – 2pm

Location: Brewing + Distilling Center 130 Bearden Place, Knoxville, TN 37917
Cost: $295

  • 1st class: History of Brewing and Beer; Basic Style; What is beer made of? Home brewing equipment; Theory of the brewing process; Let’s brew some beer!
  • 2nd class: Let’s bottle and sample our beer, review, and celebrate!