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Course Summary:

This course work is designed to train anyone to be employable in the Brewing and/or the Distilling industries. Strong classroom work, explaining the theories of brewing and distilling, will set the tone for practical brewhouse and distillery hands-on experience. We have our own Brewing Pilot System to brew as many batches as possible. We will also visit other local breweries and distilleries for lectures and hands-on work. All classes are taught by experts in their field, professional brewers, and distillers. There is no other Brewing and Distilling training in the South that compares to our proven method and industry networking that results in jobs after graduation.

LENGTH: 13 Weeks
DAYS/HOURS: Monday/Tuesday 5.30pm – 8.30pm; Wednesday 5.30pm – 9.30pm; Selected Thursdays: 5.30 – 8.30pm
LOCATION: Classroom– 130 Bearden Place, Knoxville TN 37917; Pilot System Brewing: Geezer Brewing Company, Knoxville, TN

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What You Will Learn

 If you’ve ever seriously considered starting a career in the craft brewing industry, there’s no better place in the southeast than The Brewing + Distilling Center in Knoxville, TN to help educate you on the essentials needed to become a valuable asset to any craft brewery. We’ve already helped countless people achieve their dreams of becoming a master brewer or distiller, and we’d love to add you to that growing list! We’ll provide you with a strong foundation of fundamentals from the history of beer and brewing all the way to the intricate sciences the goes into brewing a fine craft beer.



basic beer brewing class image

  • History of beer and brewing
  • Overall process of brewing
  • Brewing engineering and fluid dynamics
  • Brewing and fermentation science foundations
  • Beverage chemistry
  • Yeast biology and microbiology
  • Laboratory basics

brew master instructing students on beer brewing processes

  • Raw materials- water, barley, malting and hops
  • Mashing and wort production
  • Fermentation and yeast
  • NEW: 10-hours of Barrel-Aging and Sour Beer program (collaborative with Elkmont Exchange Brewery)

beer brewing business foundations class image

  • General business practices
  • Your Business Plan
  • Financials
  • Where to start and who can help
  • OSHA Forklift Training


Distilling instructors holding barrell of spirits

  • Distilling fundamentals
  • Mashing: corn vs. barley
  • Practical applications-distillery experiences

BDC visiting Thunder Road Distillery

  • Flavor production and off-flavors
  • Packaging
  • Beer Styles
  • Quality control testing
  • Sanitation

Beer brewing school graduates
154 Total Hours: 110 class/44 practical
Classroom Hours: 110 Hrs
Brew House/Practical Hours: 30
Volunteer Industry-Related Hours: 14

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