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EDUCATION: Cider Making

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Hard cider– known just as “cider” everywhere else in the drinking world– is becoming popular again in the United States. Cider is an extremely old beverage and comes in a variety of flavors and styles: dry, fruity, champagne-like. And then, there are those crazy Americans, like the Apple Barn Winery and Cider creating flavors from only the imagination.

What you get:

  • Information, expert advice, and demonstration of Cider Making from James McKinney of the Apple Barn Winery and Cider
  • Cider to take home
  • Food, Beer, and Cider during sessions
  • Apple Barn Cider and BDC SWAG

Class meetings and times:

  • Next Brewing Session: TBA
  • Bottling Session: TBA

Location: TBA

Cost: $99