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Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology (PBDT)

This Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology (PBDT) program is geared toward the serious student who really wants a thoroughly immersive theoretical and practical foundation in the fields of brewing and distilling. However, this doesn't mean that all graduates become brewers and distillers. Some take the training in order to work with distributors, some become product reps, some manage taprooms, some start companies to provide ancillary products services in support these industries. The possibilities are endless and having a solid understanding of these two industries serves a wide variety of career choices whether for employment, professional enrichment or for the entrepreneur.

During the 13 week Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology session, besides the essential practical hands on brewing, we get down to a molecular level understanding of the ratios of chemical compounds that make up your targeted water profile and what is happening chemically during the brewing process. You will acquire a solid understanding of the chemical pathways that make great beer and define the taste profile of different beer styles and most importantly how to avoid creating off flavors. We also delve into the anatomic structure of all the ingredients that go into brewing beer and how their attributes are enhanced during the brewing process. With your learned microscope skills you will be able to count yeast cells and understand how to gauge yeast viability for your next brew.

All the theoretical class lectures and discussions come to life when you can see them happening during a real brewing or distilling session. The hands-on experience is where the knowledge is truly absorbed and understood. This is a living breathing process and the best way to understand it is to get your hands and eyes into it.

We also give you a spirited education in the distilling process, business and regulatory aspects. You will learn your “heads” from your “tails” and know where to find your “hearts”. And for hands on fun each student gets to create their own liquor in class. So whichever industry you decide to get into, we will give you the education you need to start.

Session Info

• 13 weeks | 154 contact hours | 12 hours weekly

• Evenings starting at 5:30 pm EST

• Monday - Wednesday

• 4 Brew House Days @ BDC Brew House

Practical industry hours

*Scheduled individually based on student desire and/or availability.

*Practical Industry Hours are not required for program completion and certification but are invaluable for the variety of real industry experiences they provide and are highly recommended to achieve the full level of experience and practical knowledge intended by the program. We recommend a minimum of 14 hours outside of scheduled class time. All hours are coordinated with our supporting industry partners.

Next Session Dates


February 14 – May 11, 2022

Registration deadline February 7, 2022


August 15 – November 9, 2022

Registration deadline August 8, 2022

Two ways to attend

On site

in person

For the complete 154 contact hours of training, get the full, hands-on experience of learning to brew and distill like the pros in person with our instructor-led classes held the BDC classroom and adjacent brewhouse. 


Getting to know your instructors (who are contemporary industry professionals) and fellow-students over the 13 weeks is invaluable for extra knowledge and networking in this tight-knit industry. Knoxville is full of craft breweries and distilleries, many within walking distance of the BDC: students invariably take advantage of this opportunity.

All lectures occur at the Brewing & Distilling Center. All brew house days happen typically on Wednesdays through the session. This experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Financial assistance options


online & in person

The Hybrid PBDT is the same material and skills-instruction as the On-Site option. You have the ability to stay home for the approximate 100 hours of classroom learning and attend our lectures “virtually” in real time with your classmates. (These lectures are video-recorded, which can be accessed throughout the session.) 

To complete your certificate training, all practical and brew house classes (54 contact hours) occur in person at the Brewing & Distilling Center, led by our expert instructors and supporting industry partners during a scheduled 7-day intensive experience. You actually get a little extra attention in the form of food and extra-curricular field trips during this intense, yet, high energy fun during the 7-Day Hands On trip to the BDC.

Financial assistance options
“I learned everything I need to know without a bunch of superfluous information. Classes were to the point, and everything I needed to know to walk into a brewery and do the job. I graduated in April 2019, and started working at Smoky Mountain Brewery Pigeon Forge right outta school, a position Doc helped me land almost immediately. Then, I landed at Crafty Bastard later that year, and I was just promoted to Head Brewer of Downtown in June 2021. Definitely glad I decided to attend the BDC”
Joel Leffew, Head Brewer
Crafty Bastard Brewery
"The BDC was foundational in my path to opening my own brewery! From the quality instructors, to the class brew days, to the hands-on apprentice hours at local breweries; they covered all their bases. Doc and his team provided constant support and helped tailor my learning towards my brewing interests. Don't miss this opportunity to advance and/or start your career in the craft beer industry!"
Andrew Sabatine, Owner, Head Brewer
Around the Horn Brewing Company

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